Writing Prompt #3

You know how some humans when drunk order a bunch of stuff off Amazon, only to realize when they receive their package what they bought? Well I like to go to the freebies subreddit on Reddit, request a bunch of free stuff, but change my last name so when the free thing arrives I get a laugh. I’m not drunk when this happens, since I don’t drink alcohol. Instead I’m sleep deprived. So it’s kinda the same, but better.

“Are you serious?” I asked her, somehow hoping against hope that she wasn’t. She was quite serious. She was getting in the car and driving to California, with or with out me. She had just gotten off the phone with her agent, she had an audition, which would be “perfect for a first timer” like herself. I couldn’t believe that she could just pack up everything and go like that. Where did she even get the money? Her agent bought her the 2 ‘one way’ plane tickets. After her first gig she would be able to pay her agent back. 

‘When do we leave?’ I asked next, knowing that I couldn’t let my best friend go from a small state to California all by herself. She needed me with her for support. It was my duty to be there for her, I don’t think it was even possible for her to go with out me. That would be just stupid. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if that were to happen. She informed me that we were to leave on Friday morning, she claimed today was Wednesday evening.
“Well I might as well go pack.” She told me as she left the room, leaving me staring at an empty food dish. I meowed loudly hoping for her to come back and feed me. ‘Fuck this’ I swatted something off the table. 


Boobsie da Norwegian Forest Cat: Anxiety Healer

Yesterday I went to a Walmart for some shopping, I survived the holiday crazy. The mission to go there was because Boobsie needed a carrier, since on Tuesday he is going for a checkup at the vet. I succeeded with buying a carrier for my baby, despite having a massive headache due to the lack of caffeine. I didn’t have any coffee in the morning and it seems I’ve become addicted to caffeine…again. I suppose it’s one of those addictions that can’t be helped.

I read that I needed to slowly introduce Boobsie to his carrier, so that evening I tossed some treats onto the bedding for him to explore. I then tossed in a bag of catnip, and brought out the red dot. So Mr. Boobaloo could defeat that. After sitting at the end of my bed just staring into space, he decided that kneading my warm blanket (right out of the dryer) was a good time to fall asleep. Boobsie didn’t start out as my baby, but he claimed me as his owner, so now he is my baby. As I write this post, he is asleep in my arms…purring.

Winters are difficult for me, no motivation to do anything. I’ve been writing to do lists for myself everyday that have “Blog post?” written, but it’s difficult to even start writing. When I open up Google Chrome my home page is my blog, but finding the want to start typing seems impossible. I’m sleeping the whole day, but wide awake at night. During the night is also when I find flashbacks tend to show themselves on repeat. I can’t do anything about them since it’s from the past, so I just have to watch them go by. I can’t do anything to help my past self.

Last night I had another anxiety attack, from a flashback or upcoming event, I don’t remember which. I ended up deep breathing to help calm me down. That and petting Boobsie who turned around so his purring face was right up close and personal with mine. He was kneading my blanket, so his loud purrs helped calm me down. He really is my baby.

Fun Fact: I told Boobsie to bring me a squirrel after I let him out into the wilderness. The next day Birth Giver told me she found a decapitated squirrel in our front yard. I was told to stop requesting gifts from our cat, or else Birth Giver will put them in my room.

I usually don’t plan out what my blog posts are going to be about. I just let the words flow from my mind, down my arms through my fingers and onto the keypad of my laptop. Then boom there’s a blog post that has happened. So this one happened to be about how my Boobsie helps calm down my anxiety so of course I am going to work hard so my kitty has a better life.


I tossed in some of his kitty treats so he could explore his new carrier.


He just defeated the red dot.


Staring off into space. I paused Salem on Netflix to be entertained by my kitty.


Someone found where I keep his catnip and treats…



He moved, making this picture blurry, but look how tall he is.


Very Important Photo.


Loner Makes Videos: 5 out of ?

I feel so comfortable in videos when I’m in control of the camera, however when other humans point their cameras at me I need to put up a wall so I can hide. I absolutely hate it when humans tell me to “smile” Fuck off I will derp in your photos, deal with it. I’m more comfortable when derping, I’m waiting for my face to get stuck!! Plus I tend to get angry really fast if humans keep telling me to smile. Anger leads to anger attacks, which suck since I can’t control myself in anger attacks.

Double feature snapchat videos!!! WHOAAAAA!

I was trying to go for a pattern when making posts on here however that never happened. I recently was accepted for a 13 week cooking class! Monday-Friday 10am-4pm, starting on April 25th! I’m really excited, I’m going to try and do a post after the first class, no promises though.



Loner makes videos: 2 out of ?

I combined more snapchat videos together into a slightly longer video. I’m quite ridiculous once I’m comfortable around chosen humans…okay I’m ridiculous all the time, I just open up more depending on the group of humans. I enjoy making humans laugh or smile at how ridiculous I am. My Soul Mate in Friend Form once told me “Keely we need to make more friends” she was so right, but we didn’t really do that.



I received a cat picture have a sticker coupon

If you ask for a cat picture you might want to specify or else you might get a picture of fur up close. Seeing as i’m a crazy cat lover, this made my moment!

Also here’s a link to get $5 off a subscription of monthly stickers. Stickers make me happy,  so that’s why I try to give others stickers. When I make cards for friends I end up taking a hour or so to make said card, because I plan which stickers to use, where I’m going to place each sticker, then what commentary I will use near each sticker. I sent 5 unbirthday cards to a friend once…total time 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Sticker link

me irl with cat