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Drugs are pretty great I suppose. I’m still not a fan of being a pill popper, but if by doing so keeps me from crying 24/7, I support antidepressants. However forcing me to take pills is not the way to go, ditching me until I go back on medication is not the way to go about friendship with me.

I’m back on Facebook, I did try to stay away..but I missed seeing pictures from my human friends. Curse you FOMO. I was scrolling through snapchat stories from BuzzFeed the other day, when I stopped to say aloud “Why am I reading this? I don’t care about celebrity lives. Where are the fun recipes or DIY ideas? BuzzFeed you need rehab.”

On July 13th I wrote down some fabulous WOWBKs:

  • When nervous during an interview, at a point of words not flowing. Say “Sorry, the caffeine hasn’t quite kicked in yet.” Collect your thoughts then continue.
  • If you lie to me, you’re cut off from Basic White Bitch Treats of Nom.
  • I saw the cutest brown squirrel the other day. When I walked closer I realized it was a brown plastic bag. It’s obvious that I have the Sight. The faeries gave it to me before they switched me out…#changelingproblems
  • I am so grateful for Pokemon Go. Finally I can have massive anxiety in public and not worry about the stares. I can just blame it on the app.

As a Potato with extreme anxiety I have extreme difficulty saying no to humans. So I say what humans want to hear, it doesn’t work out great because I end up crying in a corner from pushing myself to breaking point. I decided to test out saying “no” for a week. The results were interesting, after the first couple anxiety waves rushing through my entire body, I felt this unusual power. I didn’t exactly say “no” but I implied it. (“That’s nice” “uh huh.” “Why can’t you walk the 2 steps and throw out your own fork?”) I was told by classmates that I was very sassy, they all loved it. I was told to keep it up, my sass gave them life…or something.


I call this photo “Today I learned what shallots are, they’re part of the onion family.” I had a classmate take this photo I am in the background with cold paper towels on my eyes.

I graduate on Tuesday July 19th at 1pm! I’m ready. I’m going to just starfish a lot to catch up on energy. I will not miss the full time hours of this class. High stress had me screaming a bunch of times to let it out. I mean I waited until I was in the safety of my bubble (bedroom) before I released my inner screams, then promptly passed the fuck out. Anxiety is exhausting. Unfortunately I did still have anxiety attacks at class, I would run to the bathroom and hide there. That fight or flight response is great for me because I flee to safety, then I fight the anxiety. I go both ways..ha.


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