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Asexual Potato passed ServSafe!!!!!!

I decided to type my thoughts down while walking to class the other day. I’m one of those humans who walks into parked cars, because texting while walking is difficult. Luckily I didn’t walk into any parked cars while I was typing on a notepad app on my phone. (I upgraded to a smartphone in January, it’s June… I’m still trying to figure some things out. It’s frustrating I want to go back to a flip phone, but I like the GPS on my phone.)

June 21, 2016 9:33am

  • Sometimes I think I should have a taser to defend myself from birds. However I would probably test the taser on my foot, so that’s why I don’t have a taser.
  • I should have mace…even though I’m very jumpy. Everyone would get maced, that’s what they get for sneaking up on me.
  • I think everyone should finally realize that the real terrorists are mosquitoes.
  • If my concussion symptoms could leave that would be great.
  • If I could get my servsafe test results maybe that would calm down Scott.
  • I need caffeine but the Starbucks line was too long.
  • I hope the ice machine at class is working.

The next day, June 22, I found out that I PASSED SERVSAFE!!!!!!! 

It was until Friday June 24th that I found out my score:
“Remember, these test results are supposed to be secretive don’t go sharing what you got.” Chef told the seven of us as he wrote on sticky notes our individual scores.
“Keely what did you get?” A classmate asked.
“83!” I announced proudly, as Chef rolled his eyes.

The classmate who had the highest score received a $50 gift card, I wasn’t the highest score, however I was in the top 3! 83 is a big deal for me, I always would be in the low 60’s-high 70’s range for test scores in college.

I’m going onto my 10th week of class, I was able to finally take my rings off last week. Can’t have rings in the internship so I had to take them off. Putting them on a chain around my neck wasn’t going to work for me, because necklaces feel like they’re choking me, that’s not a kink I’m into too. I’m not kink shaming, just saying that I like my kinks like I liked my ice cream before having to switch to dairy free. Vanilla Bean.

Surprisingly I’m not extremely anxious about the internship, I’m more anxious about finding a job afterwards. I want a baking job but it needs to be part time. This class is draining me of my energy so on weekends I pretty much just starfish on my bed in front of the fan, until I become too cold, then I have to get up to turn it off, only to become too hot again. Ugh #FirstWorldProblems Not only am I drained of energy, but anxiety attacks are happening in the middle of the week. I unfortunately had another anxiety attack in class last week. This one was different it was anxiety featuring a ptsd flashback. I locked myself in the bathroom, crying while texting Stranger Danger trying to calm down. A classmate helped by texting me offering to take a walk, as well as letting me just rant it all out. That was extremely helpful. I was able to survive another day. When I got back there was a class picture taken, I’m curious to what my face looked like, I derp’d in the photo because that’s how I roll. I’ve been anxious about the job part since the class began, it’s good to know that some things never change…

wp-1466891327452.jpgI had my hair shaved today, I feel so much better now.


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