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Do you even lift, bro? My back does…

Change of theme was because I need to mix it up a lot. I was trying to hold back, keeping the theme I started out with, but it was really plain, I like this one better (for now) plus the polka dots on the top are super cute! If you couldn’t tell I just changed my theme on here, it’s quite alright if you didn’t notice. I usually don’t notice things such as this unless someone points it out to me.
~FLASHBACK~ (Senior year of high school)
“Keely do you notice anything different?” A friend had just waltzed up to me with a big smile.
“New haircut?” Shit, now I had to guess and hope I got it right.
“New shirt?”
“Did you grow a little over night?” She was at least a foot shorter than me.
“I don’t know!”
“I got my braces off!”
“When did you have braces??”
“Keely I had braces since Freshman year.”
“Wait really?”
“I don’t believe you.”
I still don’t believe her.

Onward to the main reason of this post. I have anxiety, (I know right, super surprising!) among other issues, but I can’t have a purse or small bag type thing. I gotta go big or anxiety ambush in public. So I have a backpack, not just a day pack or something little. I have a big, lots of compartments backpack. Here’s what I have in it on a daily basis.

  • Bus schedule
  • Planner
  • 5 subject notebook
  • 2 reusable bags (at least!)
  • 2 zippered pouch
    1 zipped side has:
    Ziploc baggy of googly eyes
    sticky notes
    The other zipped side has:
    lens cleaning wipes
    lip gloss
    tattoo goo
  • keys
  • checkbooks (with Hello Kitty checks because Duh)
  • Lotion
  • Suntan lotion
  • Kleenex
  • Ziploc baggy of Splenda
  • Ziploc baggy of Ice tea packs for water bottles
  • First Aid kit
    anxiety meds
    cleansing pads
    Lactaid chewable tablets
  • Sunglasses + case
  • A book of some kind
  • wallet
  • Snacks of peanuts and a Larabar
  • wrist brace

The outside of my backpack has pins on it because they represent me.

I got the “Must be the milk” one as a free one, since that was a time when I loved milk/dairy. Now when I try and nom some I’m in so much pain…What did I do to deserve this? I asked the same question to Shopping Cart..he didn’t answer either. Now the pin is there because “why am I in pain?” “Must be the milk” I find it hilarious that’s all that matters. The pins are all slanted to make you ask questions, plus slanted things piss some humans off, it’s humorous to me. The one inside the mesh says “Skip & Go Naked” it’s an alcoholic drink from a restaurant in New Hampshire. My grandmother would get the drinks, so I could have the pins. That wasn’t the real reason, but to my elementary aged self, it was.

I saw this on represents me.



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