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Oooo An Update!

I’ve had absolutely no motivation to write a blog post since the last time I updated this. Which sucks because that means I’m so exhausted after classes that all I can do is starfish on my bed not wanting to move taking melatonin so I will slip into a sleep within 3 minutes only to wake up at 1 am because I went to sleep too early, but I couldn’t wait to take the melatonin later because I need sleep when I need sleep! After a year plus of insomnia I’m not going to deny my body sleep….unless my phone yells “Hufflepuff!” at me because I have a text. I gotta look at the text because it could be a very important “K” response.

If you read that paragraph in one breath, good that’s how you were suppose to read it. If you paused a bunch of times while reading that paragraph you failed.

On the weekends I try to bake something so I can dream about working in a cute bakery that I started. When I wash the dishes my mind goes to this bakery where I bake noms. However I’m in the back because I don’t want to deal with customers, after working on register dealing with angry humans who demand coupons, (that I deny because that’s against company policy) crazy humans who are pissed off because there’s only 3 lanes open, (I have no control over that!!) or those hangry humans who can’t be patient with me as I try not to have an anxiety attack because there’s so many humans at once, it’s extremely loud, PLUS THAT CHANGE I COUNTED BACK DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THE CORRECT AMOUNT! So I’m going to be in the back of the bakery making noms not having contact with customers. It will be great I’ll be this mysterious figure making noms for humans.

Oh I’m 25% done my class, and I passed my first quiz on small wares! *Excited derp* See going into kitchen stores just to stare at the walls of small wares pays off. Slightly disappointed that a #100 cookie scoop isn’t called a “Stupid Scoop” that’s what a coworker called it, I thought it was an excellent name. I have 3 more quizzes in this class, I’m more anxious for them than I am with using sharp knives. The Slytherin in me prefers to have someone else to the torturing if necessary. I couldn’t carve a whole chicken in class without cringing. The snap of the bones put me into a fight against my anxiety. The job of draining the chickens from the packages was also horrible. I thought I was holding a small child. I didn’t eat chicken for 4 days, however on the day I caved I felt so guilty for eating chicken. Curse my sensitive side!

Whenever I see a great video, comic, or picture that makes me laugh I need to send it to Science Lesbian, or/and Soul Mate in Friend Form. Humor makes me feel better plus this way by sending them humorous internet stuff they know I’m thinking of them.

This video represents me

This one is magical

I gotta get dressed because I’m going to get kidnapped by a dangerous stranger before class.



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