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Loner Makes Videos: 5 out of ?

I feel so comfortable in videos when I’m in control of the camera, however when other humans point their cameras at me I need to put up a wall so I can hide. I absolutely hate it when humans tell me to “smile” Fuck off I will derp in your photos, deal with it. I’m more comfortable when derping, I’m waiting for my face to get stuck!! Plus I tend to get angry really fast if humans keep telling me to smile. Anger leads to anger attacks, which suck since I can’t control myself in anger attacks.

Double feature snapchat videos!!! WHOAAAAA!

I was trying to go for a pattern when making posts on here however that never happened. I recently was accepted for a 13 week cooking class! Monday-Friday 10am-4pm, starting on April 25th! I’m really excited, I’m going to try and do a post after the first class, no promises though.



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