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Loner Makes Videos: 4 out of ?

I realized something about a hour ago. I think it was a hour ago…time doesn’t exist it’s a figment of your imagination. Anyway I release fun facts about things I read off the internet all the time, because I’m nice like that… Okay mainly it’s because what if someone I know is in a Trivia tournament and the grand prize is a fuckton of dolla dolla bills! I wouldn’t want some of the prize money I just would want some credit that I helped whoever for knowing the answer to the random trivia question. Basically I just love it when humans tell me “…ok you were right, Keely.” Yes I, Potato, was correct about something! I’m usually wrong with a bunch of things so when I have my moment I’m going to bask in it!

Once I mentioned how a Panda in a zoo faked her pregnancy so she would be able to get more bamboo and buns, the human I told didn’t believe me. She claimed I was making things up. As a crazy changeling yes I have a very active imagination but I am not going to take credit for a smart panda!

Anyway here’s more videos I made because I think I’m hilarious:


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