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Loner Makes Videos: 3 out of ?

I’m visiting my Soul Mate in Friend Form March 25- April 6th. So I went up in my attic to grab my suitcase, while up there I started exploring. Obviously I had to make videos to send to friends through Snapchat. There are videos from 4 days in this compilation: 2 days of exploring my attic, lip-syncing while testing out new lipstick, then of course a video of my Boobsie. The lipstick is the new Burt’s Bees lipstick if anyone is wondering. I had a $1 off coupin (pronounced in the way someone with THAT haircut would pronounce it) so I used it because I love lipstick/lip gloss/ other lip makeup. Whenever I buy new lipstick I have to test it out by either lip-syncing or just derping in the mirror. It’s a mix of both, actually. When my lips are poppin’ then humans will notice my lips, when they look up my derpy face will greet them. It’s the circle of socializing!


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