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Mad Libs: bringing horrible humans together 2

You’re Invited!
Hello Kitty is hosting a red picnic for all her friends, and you’re invited! The party will be held at Ball Park on Saturday at half past 7 o’clock. There will be smelly games, like hide-and-fall, tree tag and lamp in the middle. Child sandwiches and cool milk to drink will be provided. And Mimmy is bringing freshly baked signs for dessert. WHAT?! There is no need to bring any food or a car. Hello Kitty just asks that you bring a green smile!

Hello Kitty’s Hometown:
Hello Kitty lives in a small suburban town called Good Stuff. Good Stuff is a gross little community. Wherever you go, farts greet you with smiles on their clitori. Hello Kitty loves making new dildos, and this place is full of veiny friends to meet. This blue town may be little but it has everything you need, including a post office to mail balls, a bank to save strap-ons, and a grocery store where you can buy food and toys. Hello Kitty and her family live in a stretchy white dental dam with a red roof on a treelined pine needle.


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