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Mad Libs: bringing horrible humans together 1

Grand Opening:
The day Bob’s Burgers held it’s Flimsy Opening, the restaurant caught on fire! It all started when Bob walked in on Louise throwing potatoes in the green fryer. “I’m making chunky fries!” she said. Louise didn’t seem to notice the horror on her father’s dick or the sea foam green smoke filling the kitchen. “They’re going to be sad dipped in green tea!” Bob quickly covered his tongue with his thong and rushed to pull Louise out of the thing‘s way. “What have I told you about screwing with fire, Louise?” Bob asked, once the Belchers were greedily outside and the firefighters had put out the dildos. “I wasn’t! I was playing with blueberry juice!” his daughter argued. “The fire happened later.”

Attention: Fragile!
Here are Linda’s instructions for handling her collection of porcelain babies:

  • Use cold care when holding my precious babies.
  • Only pick up 3 at a time!
  • Jump when holding a baby! Never run!
  • At night, listen each little guy in his own sheet of ice.
  • Each white lady gets her own hammer pants, made out of hammer. (Don’t they look fast?)
  • Set them loudly in the box! Careful not to collaborate them, as they’ll wake up.
  • They like it when you talk to them and kiss them painfully on their glazed foreheads. (All $$ bills need love!)

$$ pronounced “dolla dolla”


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