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My favorite poem I ever wrote

Like most Emo kids in high school I wrote poems about my feelings. What I loved most about my poems was how I could express everything on paper, without worrying if it made sense. I was told my poems were very morbid, I never saw them as morbid, but rather a view into my mind. I only described them as morbid because humans tend to understand that better than “this is what I deal with in my mind on a daily basis.” Unfortunately I was frequently asked if I needed a hug or if everything was alright, I stopped letting my friends and family read my art due to their depressing responses. In 10th grade I stopped writing poetry, I also stopped participating in class due to speaking my mind getting me in trouble. I would gladly accept that zero for class participation, because if I did speak my mind I was sent to the guidance counselor where I had to talk about why I thought the way I did. Either accept the zero or feel like a science experiment.

A couple years ago I was trying to edit my old work but kept cringing on how horrible it was so I brought out some scissors and became a paper shredder. I hated the style, plus I was presented with ptsd flashbacks from when I wrote it. There’s still some short stories saved but luckily I remembered my favorite poem. I wrote this poem in 9th grade, which was then long forgotten about until one day during a massive anxiety/anger attack the words came back to me in this chanting jingle. I managed to snap out of the attack by instantly writing down the words. This isn’t all of it I think there was a couple more stanzas but what I have gives me hope that I will remember the rest one day. I’m not a fan of rhyming poems, but the rhyming adds more on the creepy factor.

Rain, rain go away
Come again some other day.
That day is now
I took the vow
Please accept my sin
To bring back my twin.

He bellowed
That fellow.
In the dark hall
Nails in his body
Pinning him against the wall.

Having him watch
Was a delight to my crotch
When I used the knife
On his wife.

Perhaps one day I will add to this, but I do like leaving it there with so much suspense. To me it feels like a cliff hanger that doesn’t give you closure.


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