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Catnip doesn’t affect Bobo & 5 more facts

Since I have to wear this brace for 2 weeks plus pop 400mg of Advil twice a day for a week my depression is of course rising. So is the stress, I know what I have to do to banish the stress but there is unnecessary guilt that is making it worse.

In trying to keep my spirits up I’ve decided to do a 5 facts Friday list.

  1. I hate when humans tell me to smile. I once told a customer smiling was against my religion when I was told “you could at least smile.” What is my religion? Catholic Satanist. I worship cats and love satan.
  2. Great website to browse through: this
  3. Last time I checked 175 humans have creeped on this blog. WTF?! I started this in October! Am I really that interesting? I never thought I would have more than 3 humans creeping on this blog! Uh um Thanks!
  4. Cards Against Humanity says you need at least 3 humans to play. Well I found out that if I pick out a random black card then a random white card I’m playing by myself. Yes it’s just as sad as it sounds. I also text black card questions to the Chosen 3 in hopes they will give a great answer so I can write it on an empty white card. #friendshipgoals
  5. I have a public album on Facebook called “Laughter Reduces Pain Because Science” Where I just post pictures of cats, memes, comics, puns and everything else I find humorous so if the small grouping of humans I call friends need a pick me up they can look at that. At the moment there is 155 photos, I’ve deleted some because I didn’t find them interesting anymore.

This is one of my favorite photos if not THE favorite.

One version of a Catholic Satanist ^


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