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There wasn’t enough books on death and dying

Science Lesbian and her girlfriend Psychology Lesbian visited me at Potato Manor last weekend it was amazingly gay. They arrived Friday morning so waffles were in order, dyed a fleshy pink, because not enough red food coloring was added to the batter. It wasn’t until hours later I realized we should have dyed them blue. Damn it! After breakfast we went downtown to get bubble tea so we could say we had balls in our mouth, like the mature adults we totally represent. I was really excited for this bubble tea since I was positive I found the best bubble tea in the area! However when we went the balls were over cooked, so basically I had to bite on the straw and just drink the milky part, because the balls just didn’t slide right down our throats. Such a disappointment.

Friday night we went to Tilt which is a restaurant with arcade games plus bar, I’m not a big drinker I stopped for awhile due to PTSD attacks if I drank even a little bit. Being the lightweight that I am I do know my limit, so thankfully I know when to stop. I only drink for the taste really I don’t drink to get drunk or black out, I do however become a little tipsy. I was told that I was amusing, however I’m told I’m amusing all the time. When I do drink I become more paranoid that I’m going to cause a scene because of a PTSD attack. Whereas if I’m sober with a group of friends that I trust I don’t really care. Since I was with Science Lesbian & Psychology Lesbian I felt safe enough to have 2 hard ciders. I played pinball for the first time, which was really fun I must say I am excellent at button smashing that’s probably why my score was 10 million something for the South Park Pinball, and 33 million something for the Indiana Jones Pinball. I also conquered my fear of racing games that night! The first time I played one of the racing games with the wheel the game told me “Faster! Faster!” So when I did I fell off the bridge so game over. This time when I played I came in 8th place out of 10th place, it was a pretty great accomplishment for me.

Saturday was road trip to King Arthur Flour which was a fabulous experience for me. Since finding out that baking and washing dishes helps calm down my anxiety a huge amount, I have been baking a fuckton of noms, however since I’m not interested in eating what I bake I bring all the noms into work for my coworkers. I love seeing humans enjoy what I bake, it’s a huge compliment for me since sometimes I am baking through massive panic attacks. I made oatmeal raisin cookies during a huge panic attack because the first batch ended up being burnt on the bottom. I hadn’t made oatmeal raisin cookies before, but I was giving them as a gift, so when I saw that I failed it was heart breaking for me. However I still had enough batter to make 24 more cookies so by being able to push through the tears I was able to make those cookies better. (Plus I made 36 more cookies to give Stranger Danger since I was so ashamed I gave him burnt ones the first time)

There was a stop at Newbury Comics where I picked up Bob’s Burgers and Hello Kitty Mad Libs. The adult Mad Libs were a dollar more, so being the great saver I am we made dirty Mad Libs with the other two. Saturday night we made a boob shaped gayke (gay cake) Sunday morning I made coffee cream chez frosting for our gayke. Science Lesbian frosted our Mocha Beauty, then we all cut the gayke after a couple pictures of course!

12715489_1311126618912950_413184884790099193_nMocha Beauty showing off her pierced nips and cup less bra.

12744162_1311127165579562_6959299750239983998_nDouble rainbow all the way! This was what the inside of the gayke looked like, except much brighter.

This weekend was so gay.



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