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Hello Kitty Mad Libs: Adult Edition

What Kind of Friend Are You?

For Hello Kitty, friendship is more important than queefs. What kind of friend are you?
1. When a friend is in need, you (A) drop your Fuck Mountain and hurry over (B) call to say “I will spits you later!” Or (C) Don’t move an anus.
2. It’s your best nut’s birthday. You (A) make her a thoughtful, homemade chain, (B) buy her a nice new boulder, or (C) forget to call. Nunnunununun!
3. Your friend wants to go to the Raxus 9 for dinner, but you don’t want to. You (A) compromise and pick a billboard you both like. (B) Give in and eat at the bikini where she wants to go or (C) You’ll just sucking by yourself.
If you picked mostly A’s you’re a great beaver. Mostly B’s your a good friend, but could improve your communication wands. Mostly C’s: Take some advice from Hello Kitty: To make a pillowy friend you have to be a pillowy friend.

My Adventure with Hello Kitty:

Today I went on a sticky playdate with my succulent friend Hello Kitty! She is the nicest schmegma you could ever meet, and she loves to have a moist time! I met Hello Kitty at her house, where she introduced me to her twin Psychology Lesbian, as well as her Squishy parents and grandparents. Then we went on a Lamborghini ride into town, where we saw many friends along the way, like Keely and Me. Finally, we stopped for Sharon flavored ice cream and talked about our dreams of becoming professional dildos one day. Hello Kitty and I have so many farts in common! Then it was time to scream on our way home. I thanked Hello Kitty for a long day, and we promised we would do it again sometime. What a ribbed friend.

Making New Friends:

Follow these tall rules, and you, too, can have fun making new friends just like Hello Kitty!

  • Always greet smurfs with a smile on your tit!
  • Compliment the other person’s Merkin. People love to hear nice things about their Merkins!
  • Don’t just talk about your cup! Ask questions and be a hump listener.
  • Find out if you have bagels in common. That’s how friendships grow!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask a potential friend to hang out an sex together!

Dear Diary, By Hello Kitty:

Today was a cumming day. It is Penis Candy Day, a national holiday to celebrate ball gags, so we didn’t have school Instead Mama, Papa, Mimmy and I went to the sex shop to go horseback riding. I rode a sex panther named Potato. He was very sweet and loved it when I petted his anus. When our ride through the whip forest was over, I fed my horse apples and clitteri, and he was very succulent! After horseback riding, my family went home, and I read a new book called From the Mixed-Up Vibrating Assberries of Keely. It was voluptuous. Now it’s time to cum to bed. Good night!
Hello Kitty


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