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I love tattooed dead trees

Even though I love to read, and have a queue of books of what to read next, I don’t want to finish the book I’m reading now. Once I finish this book it’s done. Yes, I know I can just read it over again, but there is a line of books of what I want to read next. They have been waiting to take me into their world for months! I started reading Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson in November. November 2015 that is, I have taken my time reading this book because of how fucking hilarious it is! I have to force myself to put it down, it’s such a great memoir! I highly recommend reading it!

For this post I decided that a list of my favorite books was necessary. I love lists and I love books what a great combination, and thus this post was conceived. It took some planning but eventually it was time to stop browsing pintrest, reddit, and stumble upon and write out this post.

I’m not going to give a description of the books, but instead ramble on about what memories I have that are tied to them. I’ll link the amazon information to each book though.

  • Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling 
    My birth giver read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to me when I was in elementary school, she had to stop since I would get nightmares from the chapter of Voldy in the Forbidden Forrest when he killed the unicorn. I eventually started reading the books on my own in 4th grade. I read the books over and over again I read the first four books five times, the other three I read at least twice. I no longer have nightmares because of Voldy instead I developed a crush on him. When Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out in theaters. Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldy, *swoon* be still my awkward feels, also why am I turned on by this?
  • Ruby fruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown
    I have read this book at least 3 times. In high school I volunteered at my library I put the books back on the shelves so I was one of the first to claim dibs on checking new books out! One day when putting books back, I noticed this book due to the plain cover. I instantly fell in love with the main character and her spunky personality. At the time I discovered this novel I was trying to read the entire collection of the gay & lesbian genre at my library.
  • Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson
    I came across this book when scrolling through Amazon looking for another book. This was recommended to me when I was looking for a book that my then therapist suggested me to read. He’s Just Not That Into You. That advice was so shitty to tell me while I’m crying on the couch in her office. Thankfully Amazon gave better advice than a former therapist. Reading this memoir made me laugh so hard I was kicked out of Starbucks. Okay I wasn’t really kicked out, but I was laughing so hard that an employee came over and offered me a free sample of a cookie, which obviously meant that I was disturbing the other customers so here’s a cookie now go away. I read another page, checked my phone then left so it didn’t look too obvious. Even though it totally was.
  • B is for Bad Poetry by Pamela August Russell 
    I used to write depressing, morbid, emotastic poetry from 7th-10th grade. It was my go to outlet. I thankfully no longer have any of the poems because they were so cringe worthy! There was one that I wrote once, it was so beautifully crafted I’m upset I didn’t keep it. I did somehow remember some lines of it, so I’m adding to it to create a better poem. I wrote a post based on this book and some of the poems that are based on that style.
  • Tithe, Valiant, and Ironside by Holly Black
    These novels are what helped fuel wanting to read more fantasy, and even write my own fantasy ideas. I wrote a lot of stories in school. In elementary school aliens on made up planets was the theme. Middle school theme was fairies, wizards, goblins plus other mythical creatures which turned into queer fantasy in high school. College I started branching out a little to find out what else I could write, the queer fantasy theme seemed to stick the most however. I kept rereading these books because these have the best scenery in my imagination. I love going to the realm of faerie!


P.S. I have read loads more books, these are just my go to for giving recommendations.


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