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I’m really proud to be able to help out

Holidays are hard for a lot of humans, I for one get that rush of unwanted anxiety as soon as Christmas decorations are seen on the shelves in October. For the past 5 years I haven’t helped put the decorations up, I don’t want anything to do with the holidays, and it’s not because I’m a scrooge or whatever it’s because the holidays are hard. When Christmas rolls around I’m always telling myself “Don’t ruin Christmas. Don’t ruin Christmas. Don’t ruin Christmas.” I tend to hide away from friends and family, I delete friends off social media because it’s hard to show my face in public I don’t want to burden them with my life. I haven’t deleted anyone this year and I’m trying so hard not to do that, there are friends who I have deleted and added back around 5 times, and it makes me feel so much guilt when I go to add them back.

While I was having my nightly BuzzFeed marathon where I have 12-15 tabs open of different articles I found this particular article that made me instantly grab my lock box of stickers. Safyre Terry‘s Christmas wish is to receive Christmas cards. I want to help others, because I love that boost of euphoria that humans give off when someone has helped them. Just like how I feed off of laughter I feed off of euphoria. So if by sending a homemade Christmas Card to a little girl will fulfill her wish, I’m glad I can help be apart of that.

If it’s hard to read what I wrote inside the card: I find that stickers make life a tad bit better, so I’ve included a bunch for you!  The stamp I used is a Harry Potter stamp because every bit of magic helps.


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