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I’m already random, therefore these facts are not random

I’ve love watching those 50 Random Facts About Me videos on YouTube so much that I recently made a playlist. Watching and listening to humans talk about things they love or facts about themselves is not only entertaining but magical. The way their faces glow when they talk about something special to them. I wrote down some facts as well, I tried to think of some facts that some humans might not know about me. However My Soul Mate in Friend Form might know all 50.

  1. I’m almost real life Tina Belcher, except I don’t love butts. I love forearms and lips. I don’t find butts attractive.
  2. I prefer giving gifts rather than receiving them.
  3. I love sorting coins by hand to put in the coin wrappers.
  4. I say “Robots are taking over!” whenever technology malfunctions, because it’s better than saying “the computer is slow” Robots are going to take over sooner or later, I’m just letting humans know now.
  5. I love washing dishes and mopping floors.
  6. I ignore humans who start saying numbers to me or try to give me math lessons, math makes me extremely angry so I ignore humans or walk away rather than release my anger on them.
  7. I love all kinds of humor, the darker the better! Although poop and fart jokes will instantly make me laugh.
  8. I forget things within 2 minutes or less, if I don’t write a thought down in that moment it’s gone.
  9. I’m like this video about wanting to pet every cat, however this was a joke and I’m serious.
  10. I wish I was rich just so I could give money to those that need it. Plus have Bobo roll around in it.
  11. I think about death 24/7.
  12. I have a love/hate relationship with my mental illness.
  13. When I watch 2-3 episodes of the same tv show in a row, it take me at least a hour to come back to reality and remember that that world is not real.
  14. I don’t like movies.
  15. A coworker once jokingly said he wanted to read my life story. I laughed because I can’t write it without PTSD attacks.
  16. When humans tell me “you’re okay” or “it’s alright” when I’m having an anxiety attack. My anxiety escalates more.
  17. I can’t act.
  18. I love boxes. I asked a friend to personally deliver me a box. He wouldn’t do it. Rude.
  19. I love to bake.
  20. When humans tell me I’ll change my mind about not wanting kids I bring out the psycho and obsess over ways to prove to them how much I don’t want offspring.
  21. I’m not crazy. I’m insane. Nothing you say will make me change my mind.
  22. I send texts and Facebook messages to the Chosen 3 when I’m sleep deprived. I forget what I send them, so then it’s a surprise for me as well to see what I sent.
  23. I don’t understand why most of the world loves Beyonce??
  24. Cilantro tastes like soap, do not put it in my food.
  25. I tend to go a tad slower when I’m told to hurry.
  26. I over think EVERYTHING.
  27. I have never felt more at home than when I went to Japan in 2010 for 2.5 weeks.
  28. I have 7 tattoos and want my legs covered. Getting tattoos is the most relaxing feeling I have ever felt.
  29. I had my nose pierced for just over a year, before the hole closed up because the stud kept falling out.
  30. I sold my soul to Satan in the 9th grade to become a vampire. However every time I see blood I become light headed and have fainted before.
  31. My weaknesses are that I’m naive, gullible and jumpy. I’ve told my coworkers this. It’s great because sometimes when they try to scare me I’m unmoved, when someone walks behind me I flail every time. I accidentally elbowed my manager once when he walked behind me.
  32. I was kicked out of ninja school.
  33. I’m easily distracted. I have told friends “squirrel!” while in the middle of having a conversation.
  34. Senior year of high school I researched Hello Kitty for my Asian Studies class. That was my favorite essay I ever wrote in high school.
  35. “Would you like a sticker?” is an acceptable question at any moment.
  36. I keep my stickers in a lock box. No one is stealing my stickers.
  37. I can’t read lips.
  38. Bobo is making me a flower crown, he brought me a headband and put a piece of grass in my hair.
  39. I’ve procrastinated dealing with my gender and sexuality since the 7th grade.
  40. I talk about friends I care about a lot because I’m thankful for them.
  41. I’m extremely socially awkward.
  42. I made a pros and cons list in 2012 about taking a chainsaw to my tits. There are more pros, despite me not having a chainsaw.
  43. I connect better with humans when I show pictures.
  44. I can’t read an analog clock.
  45. I hate pooping. The main reason I gave up drinking coffee and caffeine is so I wouldn’t have to poop so much.
  46. I was afraid of automatic toilets up until the 6th grade.
  47. I actually do have a filter, the things I say are what I believe are acceptable to say. Humans’ facial expressions say otherwise.
  48. I have a pet rock Bob the Boulder
  49. I hate bacon, coworkers have put the “essence of bacon” on my sammich (waving bacon over it) at work before. I didn’t eat those sammiches I threw them away.
  50. I have a very vivid imagination.

If you want to comment a fact about yourself go for it.


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