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I wrote poems in 2011. For once I don’t think they suck

While in college I tried to find that club I connected with the most, I tried the clubs I was interested in: LGBTQ, anime, and writing. Anime club was the one that I connected to the most. I found my humans that I felt would understand my abnormality the most. This has absolutely nothing to do with the following post.

In one of the creative writing club meetings I went to, there was a writing exercise to copy the style from a book of poems. B is For Bad Poetry by Pamela August Russell, I’m not a big poetry nerd. Correction I’m not a poetry nerd at all, I’m more of a dork if anything. (future post idea) Understanding the deeper meaning of poems takes away the fun of poems for me. I don’t give a shit what the author or poet was trying to say. After a peer read some poems so we could get a feel for the style, humans who wanted to, wrote some of their own poems based on the style of B is For Bad Poetry. This was back in 2011, I’m surprised I found the poems I wrote, since I tend to throw away any old writing I have because I see it as crap, I acknowledge I am my biggest critic. “Give me your worst” I will tell people in workshops, but their worst doesn’t seem harsh enough for me. Here are the 3 poems I wrote. Enjoy!

I saw you looking at me
From across the room
Do I have something on my face?

I love you
I love everything about you!
Just kidding
I just want to get in your pants.

1 shot
2 shots
3 shots
5 shots
6 shots
7 shots
Where am I?


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